Build A Better You - State-of-the-art athletic club with cardio and strength training equipment

Build A Better You

If your last apartment experience left you wanting something better, then you are in luck. Find the lifestyle you crave exclusively at Allora Magnolia. It’s nice to enjoy a luxury that gives you options. So if you like relaxing with friends, you will love the clubhouse, or you can build a better you in the athletic club. Either way, you’re going to love it here.¬†

Build Better

Nothing punctuates a challenging day like a good workout. Unwind with your favorite exercises in the state-of-the-art athletic club with cardio and strength training equipment. So whether you enjoy burning up the miles or flexing your gains, you do it all. It’s time to go gym clothes shopping.

Friendly Spaces

When you’re not working out, you can reconnect with your neighbors. Spend time in the resident clubhouse with a kitchen, coffee bar, pool table, and TV. So relax and watch the game, or chat and perk up with a cup of coffee and a game of nine-ball. Either way, you can recharge your social batteries by having a good time in a beautiful space.

Best Life Ever

Coming home to Allora Magnolia means enjoying your sanctuary. Stylish, well-appointed luxury apartments balanced with fantastic community amenities create an experience unlike any other. Collect the life you crave with a fantastic new home. You belong here.

Build a better you and nourish the lifestyle you crave with a new home at Allora Magnolia. Your new life begins in the spring of 2023, so be ready.