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Climb Above the Woodlands

Eager to expand your comfort zone? Our luxury apartments at Allora Magnolia will help you out. Our beautiful homes are great when you need a breather. Enjoy our great Magnolia and Woodlands location will bring you to a new realm of excitement and wonder. So if you need a break from your routine, grab your best hiking shoes and explore our vast neighborhood. So climb above the Woodlands for a new point of view.

Texas TreeVentures in the Woodlands

Texas TreeVentures is a unique natural attraction that taps into the wonder of childhood treehouses and climbing. It’s a giant obstacle course. It has three levels of bridges, pulleys, and ropes to guide you along the evergreen canopies. You can adjust the thrills to your own pace. Best of all, it’s no more than a thirty-minute drive from our luxury apartments, giving you plenty of time to reach your reserved time frame.

Climb and Survey to Your Heart’s Content

You get three hours to play around on the large tree structure during your reserved party session. That’s more than enough time to see everything you’d like. There are obstacles and challenges tailored to all adventures. All guests will wear safety equipment to stay secure and happy during their visit. Are you not planning on climbing? No worries; they also offer free spectator seating for those who’d rather sit back and photograph their friends.

Set Up an Awesome Party

Texas TreeVentures is perfect for setting up parties. They offer group packages for birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and corporate team-building events. They even offer full treehouse suites, great for hosting an overnight gala within the evergreens. Adventure awaits!

Climb above the Woodlands and tap into your adventurous side at Allora Magnolia. Reserve a tour of our Magnolia luxury apartments and a visit to the Texas TreeVentures in the Woodlands today.