Comfort Food Under the Canopy - Treehouse Café in Magnolia - image copyright: TripAdvisor

Comfort Food Under the Canopy

Discover your new favorite stop to eat at Allora Magnolia. Our luxury apartments do their best to ensure that every meal is special. So whether you enjoy dining in or at any fantastic Magnolia restaurant, you can do both at Allora Magnolia. So bring everyone together and dig into amazing dishes that make you feel right at home. Celebrate your move with comfort food under the canopy at Treehouse Café.

Treehouse Café

Treehouse Café brings a retro twist to American cuisine and dining, making it a unique experience. They’re well-known for their amazing menu throughout the day, comforting aesthetic, and ability to capture nostalgia in their atmosphere. It’s only a mile from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to their front doors in less than five minutes.

A Bountiful Breakfast

If you arrive between 8 and 11 am, Treehouse Café offers a great breakfast menu for you to enjoy. Folks who want savory dishes can craft their omelet with two or three eggs and thirteen vegetables, cheeses, and proteins. Meanwhile, those who like breakfast on the sweeter side can enjoy bananas foster pancakes or unique pancake sticks. Of course, it’s all served with fresh-brewed coffee or squeezed juice.

Lunch and Dinner Cravings

Treehouse Café also has an impressive selection of lunch and dinner options. Try out favorites such as their shrimp po’boy sandwich, the Swiss mushroom burger, and the grilled fish filet. There’s also classic signature meatloaf covered in brown gravy. You’re going to love it here.

Enjoy comfort food under the canopy at Treehouse Café. Try this and any other local favorite once you move to Allora Magnolia. Visit our Magnolia luxury apartments and the Treehouse Café in Magnolia for your next craving.