Zanti Trattoria near Allora Magnolia

Zanti Trattoria near Allora Magnolia

Magnolia’s latest luxury apartment community is opening in the spring of 2023. So now is the right time to start planning your move into a better lifestyle. Exploring your new neighborhood is part of the thrill of moving into a new luxury community. So enjoy Zanti Trattoria near Allora Magnolia to celebrate your move-in. You belong here.

Zanti Trattoria

There’s more to fabulous Italian cuisine than premium ingredients. Find out what with a meal at Zanti Trattoria. In their words, “We believe that to truly eat well, you must not forget the importance of l’ambiente, la compagnia, and l’ingrediente — the atmosphere, the people, and of course, the ingredients —all essential to the Italian experience. Simple and unhurried, Zanti honors the Italian tradition of bringing together the best of each day, from the thoughtfully chosen ingredients to the families gathered in conversation to share their stories and their meal. It is a place to feel yourself among friends and to enjoy the gifts of time and food.”

Dining near Allora Magnolia

Sarah T. shares, “My husband brought me here for my birthday, and I wasn’t expecting much, but I was BLOWN AWAY! I love food, so I had to try a bunch of things. We got the Caprese salad, mushroom risotto, braised beef ravioli, Brussels sprouts, polenta with mushrooms, crispy potatoes, and a couple of drinks. We’ll be back for sure. It is the perfect date spot for a casual but nice night. A couple of drinks, some brussels sprouts, and a good conversation make it the perfect spot for dates, a meet-up with a friend, or maybe a small group.”

Upscale Eats

So what are you adding to your go-to spot for tasty Italian cuisine? Once you move to Allora Magnolia, you have plenty of dining options close to home that you will love. So why wait? Start planning your move and prepare yourself for an extraordinary life.

Enjoy Zanti Trattoria near Allora Magnolia and enjoy the lifestyle you crave. A better life is waiting for you – opening in the spring of 2023.